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1)      Remedial measures help to reduce stumbling blocks and enhance self-confidence, happiness, prosperity, good  health and peaceful death.

2)      The natives can avoid unpleasant correspondence by being meticulous in their actions with regard to career, education, occupation, and marital life too.

3)      Marriage details revealed, relieve parent or spouses’ anxiety and fear. Prospects of second marriage or not can help to accept our future reality.

4)      Nadi astrology aids political awareness.

5)      It also brings enrichment of cultural exchange between India and other countries also.

6)      By such cultural exchanges many foreigners too benefit the fruit of such readings to stabilize well their life too though they are far away from Indian soil.

7)      Nadi Astrology helps natives to know facts of their next birth, mukti or salvation too.

8)      Precautionary measures are very well taken ahead by natives as they are aware of their future impending dangers.

9)      It catalysts self-realization making natives to decrease bad karmas and enhance or increase good karmas to avoid re-births according to Hindu philosophy.

10)  Aushada Kandham or chapter guides people to take correct or apt medical treatment for chronic, acute diseases.

11)  Married couples without issue due to karmic effects, realize the cause and thus later enjoy birth of children by wiping or cleansing away their karmas by adopting and completing certain remedial measures.

12)  It boosts philosophical, spiritual thoughts in natives mind.  

CONCLUSION: Nadi Astrology can hence be defined as a “Blue Print” of many souls’ life style born as human beings in this universe. It is quite unfortunate to note that no other forms of astrology have been criticized or manipulated as much as “Nadi Astrology”. Due to the code of mystery surrounding it, a number of quacks play havoc with the gullible public.  

The people should be aware that many sincere, devoted, dedicated professionally trained, talented expert nadi readers exist who possess genuine Nadi palm leaves transcribed by Indian ancient rishis. The natives are allowed to read for themselves from the palm leaves if they know tamil language as first hand evidence after the identification of such leaves are done.  

More than anything, all doubts put forth by the natives are clarified patiently by the Nadi readers until the natives are happy with the explanations. To the foreigners similarly the interpretation given by certain translators too are done with immense patience and with sincerity and dedication being very meticulous about the facts revealed as every letter or word is important for the natives’ knowledge and benefit genuine purpose for their readings are serviced humbly by divine Goddess and God’s grace too.

Author: Vedic Astrologer and Esoteric Tour Guide

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