Palm leaves - Nadi astrology tour to India 1-15 September 2012

Application at the latest 10:th of August 2012

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Among several ways of Palmistry predictions this is our unique way of prediction by our thumb impression this one is the oldest of about 3 000 years before created by our ancestors about our fate this gas been engraved on Palm laves. We are in this profession for herideriteri. There are totally 1 008 rays for each ray there is a predictions which we go through from the palm leaves which has the relevant details. There is about 12 episodes. The first are being general this gives the information of about the person, his name parents name, wife husbands name, brothers and sisters name and their numbers profession currently engaged e t c.

This specialty of this palmistry is that one can know about his past presence and future course of life. Business and its growth and full about marriage, re-marriage education court affairs.

Your thumbprint will reveal your past, present as well as the future for you!  

Nadi astrology consists of texts written in Tamil language on palm-leaves around 2.000 years ago by saints as e.g. Sri Kousiha, Agasthiya and Mahasiva Vakkiya.

As incredible as it sounds your life story is written on these palm-leaves:

·        The name of your father and mother, and husband’s or wife’s name,

·        How many sisters and brothers you have

·        The kind of profession you have or will have.

·        Your financial situation, marriage, children, foreign trips, problems etc.

·        Past lives.  

  A solution to problems by doing remedies “santhi pariharams” will be given.  

The Nadi reader will only reveal what is in your leaf nothing more or less. He will read in Tamil and an interpreter will translate it into English (if needed it can then be translated into Swedish). You will get a video and a tape of the session along with a written translation, if needed.  


Please clarify the number of chapters ordered and thumbprints submitted as attachment.

Only a certain number of readings can be made on each occasion, so ...."first come, first served".

 You can also arrange a meeting, before leaving Sweden, with Anders Johanson by mailing him, and he will explain all the details around the trip.

Please E-mail for further information: 

Premasagarlight Publishing & Travel
Postal address:
Box 129 16126 Bromma Sweden
Visiting address: S:t Eriksplan, Stockholm City

For terms of donation, please E-mail


Ancient mystery schools, pilgrimage places for dimensional travels on Earth, recorded in modern times by Anders B Johanson Ph.D.  

Nadi Astrology the only Shiva Parvarti culture on the planet for removal of different kinds of bad karmas connected to spiritual ceremonies in Hindu Shiva Parvarti temples     

·        Arti

·        Deepam

·        Archana

·        Homas

·        Yagnas and abichekams in navagraha temples

·        36 500 temples in India for 4 levels of Agasthiya nadi readings

·        Agasthiya Maha Shiva Vakkiya

·        Shiva Tulliams

·        Shiva Shuksham Ganam kandams the most advanced past life readings –

·        Akashic records written in ancient times for souls searching for divine solutions given by Lord Shiva and goddess Parvarti

·        The 21 siddhalars incarnation of Lord Shiva who wrote the cosmic records for people in coming ages / yugas  


Palm leaves - Nadi astrology tour to India 1-15 September 2012

Application at the latest 10:th August 2012


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