Palm leaves - Nadi astrology tour to India 1-15 September 2012

Application at the latest 10:th of August. 2012


We are ready to come to any European city and set up nadi office for 3-6 days , on demand right now in many places, Please call for info. We need at least six clients a day for nadi readings . 

Your thumbprint will reveal your past, present as well as the future for you! 

Nadi astrology consists of texts written in Tamil language on palm leaves around 2.000 years ago by saints as e.g. Sri Kousiha, Agasthiya and Mahasiva Vakkiya.

As incredible as it sounds, your life story is written on these palm-leaves:

·        The name of your father and mother, and husband’s or wife’s name,

·        How many sisters and brothers you have

·        The kind of profession you have or will have.

·        Your financial situation, marriage, children, foreign trips, problems etc.

·        Past lives.

·        A solution to problems by doing remedies “santhi pariharams” will be given. 

The Nadi reader will only reveal what is in your leaf nothing more or less. He will read in Tamil and an interpreter will translate it into English (if needed it can then be translated into Swedish). You will get a video and a tape of the session along with a written translation, if needed.

If you have a serious interest in travelling to India and discover your own records, arranges three week tours to India every year since 1974, conducted by Anders B. Johansson.

Coming travel to India will take place

1 -15 September 2012

All orders need to be e-mailed by the 10th of August 2012.

Please clarify the number of chapters ordered and thumbprints submitted as attachment.

Only a certain number of readings can be made on each occasion, so ...."first come, first served".

 You can also arrange a meeting, before leaving Sweden, with Anders Johanson by mailing him, and he will explain all the details around the trip.

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Lecture series by Anders B Johanson, PhD.

TUESDAYS  at 1900 hrs

Please call for reservation
0735 - 51 39 97

Nadi predictions and kandams together with ancient Hindu shastra and vastu science in Tamil nadu culture of south India during the last 5000 years. 


JANUARY 2012 - India’s ancient system of philosophy and the wisdom of the palm leaves and nadi readings found among the maharishis of south India, like Brighu, Ved Vyas and Agasthiya Manikavackar, and Kousika Maha Shiva Naadi.   

FEBRUARY 2012 - India’s ancient akashic records and thumbprint readings defined in the palm leaves  and Maha Shiva Vakkiya kandams from Tamil nadu in south India for 5000 years. 

MARCH 2012 Palm leaf readings from Tamil nadu based on thumbprint identification showing past, present and future life times in a concept of reincarnation. Indexed by kandams and nadi readings from 12 chapters besides 13, 14 and 15 for remedies. The nine planetary temples. 

APRIL 2012 Palm leaf readings from thumbprints based on reincarnation and 12 episodes of life in nadi astrology, giving evidence of a personal life reading besides your 16 personal horoscopes and janma rashi and nakshatra – birth star, how to obtain and administer remedies for past life karma and therapeutic treatments with yantras, mantra siidi, and ayurvedic food recipies together with homas-fire –ceremonies performed at the site of the city of Tanjur and the 9 planetary temples in proper order according to advice by the maharishis or lord Shiva. 

MAY 2012 Palm leaf readings and nadi readings and the effective use of chapters 12, 14 and 15, as remedies for treatment of past life karma, the practical use of visualizations on yantras, repletion of certain words of power. Mantra siidi, the use of aksyh talisman of temple deities and planetary rulers, the practical advice of foods and herbs for healing of body and mind under planetary and elemental categories. 

JUNE 2012 The different maharishi Agasthiya and Kousika libraries in Tamil nadu country of south India.
Applied nadi, gnana and kandam readings at each center for simple and advanced reincarnation interpretations for embodied souls today on Earth.
The science of soul nadi readings – jeevan nadi.  

JULY 2012 The history and use of palm leaves and nadi readings in India by maharishis like Agasthiya and Kousika besides Brighu and sri Kagabujander and maha shiva Vakkiyar, compiled by the king.

AUGUST 2012 How to proceed with advanced palm readings after the initial 12 kandams and naadis. The meaning of 13th, 14th and 15th  kandams and the advanced soul readings,  Maha Shiva Vakkiya and Siva Thuluam besides Siva Naadi Susham  knowledge of detailed spiritual matters pertaining to moksha –salvation of the soul at the end of the reincarnation wheel of chaurasi – 8 432 000 kinds of species that a soul has to experience before nirvana and return to the divine GOD source.

SEPTEMBER 23 - The use and practise of therapeutic methods on nadi and palm leaf readings by application of mantra siddis and yantras with proper inscriptions together with homas – fire ceremonies and its individual application at the nine planetary temples in the city of Tanjevur in Tamil nadu country in India. 

OCTOBER 2012 Travel descriptions from palm leaves centres and nadi shastra places in Tamil nadu country like Agasthiya and Sukha, Srya, Nndi, Ama, Kousika, Kumara, Kabhusandi, Boga, Vashista, Parasara, Sahadeva, Kashyapa, Rajeswari etc . Through thousands of years these maharishis created the legendary kandams and supernatural readings which have been compiled and are readily available today for interpretations by their heirs. “You as the owner of the predictions will be given full custody when you present your evidence of ownership -your Thumbprint.” 

NOVEMBER 2012 The advanced nadi readings Jeva Naadi and maha Shiva Vakkiya readings and the only soul readings given by none nadi readers the so called prashna and yentra kandams.

Vastu Shastra – India’s ancient 5000 year old own version of Chinese feng shui … the mysterious nine planets and their principle arrangement in five elements: Sound, air, fire, water and earth, used in constructing houses and homes besides office buildings and city properties. The principle of understanding how gods, devas and deities are incarnated in matter and how you can best use your knowledge for health, wellbeing and devotion to spirit.

For advanced readings on the origin of the soul you may use gnanam naadi. The science of soul (jeva nadis)–sounds there are definite sounds – vakkiyas that each incarnated soul relates to. 

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The advantages of Nadi. Read more here



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PREMASAGARLIGHT Publishing & Travel
Postal address:
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PREMASAGARLIGHT Publishing & Travel
Postal address:
Box 129 16126 Bromma Sweden
Visiting address: S:t Eriksplan, Stockholm City

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By Shoba Naidu
It’s amazing to find bundles of palm leaf  writings bound by thread and preserved for centuries. Written by the sages of yore, the hoary predictive art called Nadi Shastra is said to hold the
key to future generations.

You meet a stranger. He tells you your name, age, profession, name of your parents and spouse, number of children, tales of past life exploits and your future prospects. All this from ancient palm leaf manuscripts, written at least 2,000 years ago. Truly disconcerting! And this is not fiction. Such experiences are commonplace with experts in possession of these leaves spreading out all over the country and abroad.

In Tamil, nadi means "in search of". Says Durai Subburathnam of Sri Kousiha Agasthya Mahasiva Vakkiya Nadi Jothida Nilayam, Chennai: "The person whose palm leaf record exists with us will definitely approach us at a predestined time specified on the leaves."

The process is simple. To locate a manuscript, the thumb impression of the person is taken on paper, left for women and right for men. But opinions differ. While Subburathnam claims that these are classified into 1,008 types, Delhi based nadi reader B Raju says that there are only 108 types. The palm leaves are also arranged accordingly. Finding your leaf is not as easy as giving your thumb impression. It is a painstaking job to match the two, sometimes it takes several hours. Says Raju: "If we are unable to locate the leaf, we ask the client to come again after a few days as we have to get it from our native place. Or we refer to Sukshma nadi, which gives brief predictions." These leaves also give you the planetary positions in the person’s horoscope. "This is the confirmation stamp," says Raju.

"The past life details and future predictions were written by the great sages centuries ago. Due to divine insight they could look into and write the details of all who would one day go for a nadi reading," explains Subburathnam. The leaves once located are "sung" by the readers in ancient Tamil verse, which is simultaneously translated into the language of the client’s choice. And in today’s hi-tech world, you can even get future recordings on audiocassettes. "Pleasant or unpleasant, we do not add any prediction on our own. We only read whatever is written on the leaf. You can also read your name, if you know the language," says Subburathnam. The process of becoming a nadi reader is rigorous. "The apprentice, usually a family member, has to live in a gurukul for 10 years."

There are different theories on how predictions are made. Late Dr B V Raman, former editor of The Astrological Magazine, had done major research on the nadi. He believed that this system was special and original to Indian culture and genius. Till the 1930s, nadis were a sealed book even to the majority of Hindu astrologers. Raman felt that nadi writers based their predictive applications on the extensive astrological literature. Attributed to Sage Parasara, all were in the form of Sanskrit sutras.

The best system, according to Raman, is based on 36 tantra nadis, each of which contains 1,588.320 astrological charts. These recur every 360 years. Another theory is that kshudra devatas (angels, spirit beings) pass on the information about the individual to the nadi reader. "The accuracy of the forecasts depends on the intensity of the rituals performed and recitation of the mantra to propitiate the devata," wrote Raman in Hinduism Today.

Thousands of such palm leaves are spread all over the country. Known as Nadi Grantha in the South and Bhrigu Samhita in the North. These were written by the seven rishis - Agasthya, Kausika, Vyasa, Bohar, Bhrigu, Vasishtha and Valmiki. Explains Subburathnam: "The leaves carry predictions for all, irrespective of cast, creed, country. Agasthya predictions are in Tamil."

However, the leaves held by the present day nadi readers in the South belonged to King Sarabhoj, the Maratha ruler of Tanjavur. The leaves started disintegrating with age. Scholars were employed to interpret the ancient Tamil and Sanskrit script and rewrite on fresh ola (palm leaves). These were written in vatta ezathu, Tamil script, with a sharp, nail-like instrument called ezuthani. Nadi readers preserve these leaves by rubbing peacock oil on auspicious occasions. Some of the original leaves are still preserved at Saraswathi Nilayam in Tanjavur.

Later, when the British left India, they took with them priceless manuscripts pertaining to science, ayurveda and astronomy. Astrological manuscripts were left behind which were later auctioned. A community of astrologers ("valluvars") from Vaitheeswaran Koil in Tanjavur bought them and made nadi reading a hereditary profession. In fact, B Raju a nadi reader who hails from this place and has set up the Sri Kausika Mahasiva Nadi Jothida Nilayam in Delhi, says: "Nadi readers from our native place have set up centres all over the country." However, each centre works independently.

But how are predictions made? In his book Nadi Astrology, Chandulal S Patel says: "Nadis are of different types. Some Nadis give entire life histories of persons based on astrological reasoning. In such cases past and future events go wrong to a small extent. Nadi-practitioners are genuine astrologers.

"Another type of Nadi-practitioners is said to have acquired control over kshudra (mean or low) sadhana mantra. They often use clairvoyant powers to make horoscopes from the palm of the hand and in many cases discarnate being like nature spirits are engaged to get information. This sadhana, Karna Pishachi, tells the practitioner in his ear all the past which he reproduces to the client. It is all correct but fails miserably about future predictions."

Both Subburathnam and Raju disagree. "Our predictions are 100 per cent accurate. Many of our satisfied clients bring their friends and relatives for predictions. There is no question of tantra or mantra. We read whatever is written there and if the leaf is not found we say so," says Subburathnam. "We do not charge until the client is fully satisfied," adds Raju.

Skeptics argue that the astrologer asks several questions and then puts two and two together. Subburathnam denies the charge. "We do ask a few questions to help us locate the right leaf, but the client has to only answer in monosyllables "yes" or "no". He doesn’t deny that fake readers have spread their tentacles all over the country in order to make money.

In Hoshiarpur, where the Bhrigu Samhita practitioners are concentrated, the reader casts a chart for the moment you come for a consultation and then proceeds to find the corresponding leaf which may take hours.

There are thirteen chapters or Kandams in nadi shastra, each dealing with a specific area of a client’s life. A client can choose the chapter she wants to be read. Initial consultation costs are Rs 150 for local people. For outstation clients the fees are a little more as translation charges are added. Each additional chapter costs Rs 150. Raju’s consultation fee is Rs 500.

Subburathnam employs many nadi readers, writers who note down the predictions for the benefit of clients and translators (English, Hindi, Telugu and Malayalam). Predictions are given for every two-year period and guidance offered on pariharams (remedial measures). Many consider the pariharams as a moneymaking gimmick. Subburathnam disagrees. "We read the pariharams only if asked. Moreover, most of the measures are simple like visiting temples, feeding the poor or giving alms to the nadi reader and wearing talismans. But these are optional."

Whatever may be the truth the long queues at the nadi readers’ offices test your patience. So if you are interested in a reading better make an appointment. An appointment with fate!

Chapter by Chapter
Kandam Contents

Chapter I: Names and other details of client, her parents, spouse, profession, children, future predictions. 
Chapter II: Money, eyes, family, education and speech.
Chapter III: Number of brothers and sisters, relationship with them.
Chapter IV: Mother, house, vehicles, land and related issues. 
Chapter V: Children and their future, reasons for not having progeny, remedial measures.
Chapter VI: Disease, enemies and legal cases, remedial measures

Chapter VII: Age of marriage, name, lagnam, planetary position of the bride or bridegroom, future life with husband or wife.
Chapter X: Profession, change of place, good and evil.
Chapter XI: Profit and second marriage.
Chapter XII: Expenditure, foreign visit, next birth and attainment of salvation.
Chapter XIII: Santhi Pariharam – last birth, sins committed, remedies for removal of effect of sins committed in past birth.


by Anders B Johanson author, lecturer, teacher and esoteric world travel guide.

Dr Johanson has a bachelor's degree in chemical process engineering and a Ph.D. in religion and metaphysics as well as a teacher and therapy degree in polarity therapy.

In India he studied ayurvedic medicine, herbalogy, Hindu astrology, reflexology and gemmology. Besides studying Hindu astrology in New Delhi, India, with Sri Rama Krishna and Mr Sharma, (both professional astrologers), he studied "Stellar Predictive Astrology" which main theme is fixed stars and lunar based astrology. He does research in Hindu Vedic Sidereal Astrology and gives classes, lectures, seminars and private consultations as well as comments on business, national and world events.

In 1979, Anders founded Astro Dynasty in Los Angeles and for the next several years he gave seminars, lectures and held courses all over USA. He has lectured at the National Health Federation (NHF), Whole Life Expo, South-Western Astrology Conference (SWAC), Philosophical Research Society (Manly P Hall Foundation) and other places. Fifteen years of study and practice in Sweden, Holland, Switzerland, France, India and the United States provide the bases of the unique viewpoint and perception he offers to those who wish to balance their lives. He has the ability to understand people and guide them along a decision-making path toward optimal health, personal and professional growth. Dr Johanson has authored three books: "The Hindu Vedic Astrology Manual", The Instruction Book for the Hindu Vedic Astrology Computer Program" and "Data Entry on the Vedic Master".

Upon his return to Sweden in 1986, Anders founded Argon Navis Foundation, an organization with the objective of offering tuition either for career related or for personal development purposes in alternative therapies such as: polarity and past-life therapy, vedic astrology, tarot, numerology, ascension and other esoteric subjects.  It is also a school for higher consciousness in Sweden and Anders gives seminars called "The Sirius Mystery" which deals with man's development from Sirius, Vega and Lyra, and the Earth's twelve dimensional rooms as well at the entrance to the 5th Dimension - higher consciousness for all.

Prices for personal consultations:
60 min        $150
45 min        $100
30 min        $  75

The price includes chart printouts for one person; any additional printouts are $25 dollars a person. One printout = 25 text pages plus 3 color graphic charts.

Family or relationships: Includes up to 4 charts for different persons, but only one printout or as above.
Additional family members or persons are $10 a person for a chart wheel or $25 as above.

Business consultations:
Starting a new business, business ventures, Expanding business,    New branches, investment plans, stocks, bonds, risk capital, financing, venture capital    
Global investments
Basic rates and customized rates for each business venture, please inquire by phone or

All consultations can be taped, please bring tape(s) and a tape recorder.
The client assumes all responsibility for this procedure.

Astrology        Description                        
1. 1 year          A general description of your yearly situation   
2. 2 years        and a detailed examination of your personal cycles
3. 3 years        to reach a harmonious relationship of your personal
4. 10 years      and individual capacity and your destiny and your
                         destiny and life goals.

5a                    Life Reading (time required is minimum one hour, $180)
You will get an interpretation of 16 horoscopes (only in Vedic astrology). Each horoscope stands for a specific area and will reveal the following to you:
Mentality, character, body type, family, education, children, partners, man/wife, parents, vehicles, spiritual and scientific ability, academic studies, status and profession.

I will tell you about tendencies in past life projected into this life as profession, life goals and active personal and spiritual ambitions in order to teach self realization and planetary consciousness.

I will compare your horoscope with numerological sequences in your complete name (as stated on your birth certificate) and we will look into your life path among the different sephirots in the life tree system.
This consultation also includes a time cycle called DASA. I will tell you when you start/end being under a planet's specific influence and
what it means in your daily life. A total of 120 years. You can put any questions you like pertaining to the reading.

5b             Royal Life Reading (time required, min 2,5 hrs, two meetings,   $730)
                 This deeper life interpretation includes 25 charts (same as under 5a) as well as spiritual charts showing our strength or weaknesses, good or bad influences, specific happenings that should be marked.
You will get a 10 year detailed analysis with yearly documented reports and a compatibility between astrology and numerology, where I will mark all life paths from your birth to the end of this incarnation.
This time cycle, called DASA, is also included (please see under 5a).

6a            Spiritual Astrology & Esoteric Name Analysis
I will tell you about your vibrations in your mental, astral and physical body, the meaning of your present incarnation, what you achieved in past life, destiny, harmony, profession, status, unsettled weaknesses, present problems and challenges.
A detailed program of the numerological system in the Holy Triangle according to Pythagoras. Compatibility between your dharma and karma, progression, life as well as destiny number in relation to the sun, the moon and the ascendant in your horoscope.

6b            Tarot (kabbalistic)
I will compare and explain the life paths from your birth to the end of this incarnation in relation to the numerological sequences in your birth name (as per your birth certificate) and the natal chart's points and the etheric body's astrological constitution. We compare colors in the chakras and talk about the use of stone, metals and colors.

7            Reincarnation reading of your last life (requires a min of one hour). You will get a thorough interpretation of 16 horoscopes (please see under 5a Life Reading) and I will examine your last life as to status, profession, country, sex as well as other interesting occurrences and details. We will look into what kind of signification this has had on your present incarnation.

8            Reincarnation reading of several lives (time required: 2 meetings, min 2,5 hours each time, min $730)
            You will get a deep interpretation of 16 horoscopes (please see 5a
Life Reading) and I will examine 2 - 3 past lives as regards status, profession, country, sex, what you achieved and your spiritual life before your reincarnation on Earth. We will go through ego, personality, individuality, monad relationships and the archetype.

The relationship between the Seven Rays and the Seven Chakras. We will also look into the pattern as to race, religion, country, development, obstacles and problems and the signification this might have had in your present incarnation.

9            Numerology - Kabbala - Tree of Life
An analysis of your name as per your birth certificate according to the Pythagora system. 25 documented pages.

9a)    1 year
9b)    2 years
9c)    Whole life (time required: min 2,5 hours, $225)

10      Health Advice
Diet program, easy stretching postures including a consultation on metals and stones.
You will get a detailed consultation about food and diet and an Easy Stretching program as well as advice on how, where and what metals, stones, herbs, colors and cell salts that are good for you, that will help you to get health, vitality, beauty and success.

11 Herb, color, stone and metal consultation

12 Marriage compatibility (time required: min 1 hour)
Based on 6 horoscopes - husband & wife, children, family, career,
parents, happiness, misfortunes.

Your horoscopes will be compared with your partner's and you will know your chances for a happy marriage, if the relationship will be long or short, children, responsibility, duties, obstacles in life and success.

13     Royal Marriage Compatibility (time required: min 2 hours)
Based on 12 horoscopes - as under 12 plus great results, occupation, profession, status, conveyances, property, lands, in case of twins.

You will get a complete study of the relationship between you and your partner, if your marriage will be happy or not, long or short, spiritual, soul, mind and body interpretation, past lives and dharma.

14     Regression & Past Life Therapy (required time: 1 - 1,5 hour)
You will be taken back into a past life that has had an important meaning on this life. We will examine partners and people around you, your talents, successes as well as problems or you can yourself tell me what you want to know.

To book a consultation, please call or email us:

Anders is also affiliated with Agasthiya, Maha Siva Naadi Jothidalaam, an Akashic Record Reading house in Tamil Nadu, southern India, where your life will be read from palm leaves based on your thumb imprint! Nadi astrology was written and has been preserved since 2000 years. Anders also conducts tours to the Akashic Record Reading houses in northern and southern India upon request. 

Coming travel to India will take place 

September 1-15, 2012

Clarify the number of chapters ordered and thumbprints submitted as attachment.

Only a certain number of readings can be made on each occasion, so ...."first come, first served".

 You can also arrange a meeting, before leaving Sweden, with Anders Johanson by mailing him, and he will explain all the details around the trip.

Please Email for further information:


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Interview of the Month
Mr Durai Subburathinam - Nadi Astrologer

Natives, whose leaves are with us, are destined to come to us at the appropriate age specified on the leaves from any part of the world.

Nadi Astrology is a valuable gift handed over to us by our intellectual ancestors. However, it is quite unfortunate to note that no other form of astrology has been criticized or manipulated as much as Nadi Astrology. Due to the cloud of mystery surrounding Nadi Astrology, a number of quacks play havoc with the gullible public. They should be made aware of the fact that sincere, devoted Nadi Readers also exist who possess genuine palm leaves transcribed by our ancient rishis. These sincere Nadi Readers are more than eager to wipe away the doubts in the minds of doubting Thomases. Our EST team visited.

Mr Durai Subburathinam of Kausika Agasthiya Nadi Jothida Nilayam in Tambaram, Chennai. Mr Durai Subburathinam's Nadi center commands the faith and respect of thousands of people who have tested the authenticity of the leaves he holds.

Mr Subburathinam, in this eye-opening article, offers some pointers by which the common public can distinguish between genuine Nadi Readers and hoaxes.

Q: Sir, you seem to possess a good collection of old palm leaves. Could you tell us the history of these palm leaves?

A: Yes. The origin of these leaves can be traced back to approximately 2000 years ago. Later during the British rule, the British were very keen to acquire these types of ancient leaves which deal with herbal cure, alchemy, different types of rasayans, Kayakalpa to increase longevity, different branches of fortune-telling etc. In some, the basic rules of the modern scientific inventions are explained. The British were very keen to take all these but left some of the astrological leaves to their loyalists. Some were put on auction also. People belonging to a particular caste who specialized in astrology bought these leaves and they earned their livelihood through Nadi-reading.

It is a hereditary profession for us. We belong to the place called Vaitheeswaran Koil, in south Tamil-Nadu. We got trained from our elders to do the Nadi-reading. The language is poetic and the script is also different. It is the same as in the ancient temples. We have only a certain amount of collection of leaves. Natives whose leaves are here will, somehow or other, come to us at the appropriate age specified on the leaves from any corner of the world. Leaves are there not only for Indians but for foreigners also belonging to other religions. Whoever is destined to look into the leaves will come to us on his own accord. The very word "Nadi" in Tamil means (destined) to come on own accord.

Q: Do you mean to say that you don't possess the leaves of those who are not destined to come to you.
A: Exactly. They may not even know that such a type of astrology exists. Even the very age when the native is destined to come to us is marked on the leaves. So, we do not advertise for our profession. Whoever is destined to come will come. Faith is the root of our system.

Q: What is the first step in Nadi Astrology?

A: We take the impression of the right thumb for males and the left thumb for females. There is no need to disclose your name, place or horoscope.

Q: How to you proceed further with the thumb impression?

A: Lines on the thumb are classified into 1008 types. Palm leaves are arranged according to these types. We identify the particular type of lines on the thumb and the corresponding set of palm leaves are taken. For example, a particular type is called conch shell with a circle. Among this, there are many sub-divisions based on the number of dots on the thumb. Impressions with 5 or more dots are very rare.

Q: What is the significance of Nadi Astrology?

A: There are 12 chapters (parts). The first chapter contains the native's name, parents' names, present details of profession, brothers, sisters, children, spouse and a gist of future predictions for all the twelve bhavas. There is also a poetic description of the planetary positions in the native's horoscope.

The other chapters deal elaborately every aspect of your life. For example, the 5th chapter deals with children, their birth, death, reasons for not having children, adoption, future life of the children, remedial measures etc. The 7th chapter indicates the time of marriage, name, ascendant and the planetary positions of the horoscope of the spouse and life after marriage. Chapters 2 to 12 till give the future predictions up to the end of the life from the date of perusal of that chapter. There are four more chapters - chapter 13 and 14 deal with the previous birth and the sins committed therein.

Remedial measures are also given for getting rid of the effect of the sins of the past birth. Chapter 15 prescribes the medicines and methods of consumption for chronic diseases. The 16th chapter gives predictions for the current dasa and bhukti periods in detail. In addition to these, there is also a special chapter for "Prasna" where any query is answered. All these were written hundred of years ago by our Maharishis.

Q: Amazing. But how is it possible?

A: With divine grace, our Maharishis were able to foresee a lot. They have foreseen and predicted the type of name and the events of life for a person born at a particular moment with corresponding planetary positions. Nadi Astrology is written by "Sapta Rishis" - Vasishta, Agasthiya, Kaushika, Sukar and others. Sage Agasthiya has written in Tamil. Other Sanskrit texts were translated into Tamil. Marata King Sarabhoji and Chola kings patronized this form of astrology and translations.

Q: Could you share some of your experiences with us?

A: I would like to tell the people that we are only "Nadi Readers". What is written on the leaves is read and explained by us. We ourselves do not add anything. Some clients get irritated when some of the facts are unpleasant. We cannot help it. With utmost patience, we clear their doubts. Common people and VIPs from all walks of life have consulted us. We show them the particular leaf where the predictions for the native are given. Some of our customers are able to read the leaves on their own. Some even buy their leaves for preservation.

Q: Could you pick the leaf for one of us who have come from EST?

A: Yes. Of course. You can even take photographs of the names in the leaf. (Leaf was promptly picked up from the thumb impression. Name and other details of the native were verified by the EST team and photographs were taken.)

Q: There is a general complaint that the Nadi readers collect a lot of informations from the client himself? What is your answer to this?

A: Some of the leaves give the native's name as such in full. In some the names are only suggested indirectly giving details about the number of letters in the name, clues of a corresponding deity etc. In those cases, we ask questions to find out the right leaf. We tell the clients to say only "yes" or "no" and nothing more. You can also verify your horoscope with the description of the horoscope given in the leaf. Without truth and integrity, we cannot survive for so many years and generations.

Of course, there are places where there are fake leaves. They will not be able to show you the leaf with your name and other details.

Q: Also there is an opinion that the remedial measures are suggested only by you and that they are money-making gimmicks?

A: No. This is not true at all. We only read the remedial measures given in the particular chapter. Generally remedial measures are like visiting particular temples, feeding the poor etc. There is no compulsion to do them. Corresponding to the sins, the remedial measures are suggested in the leaves. The clients can themselves verify them in their leaves. In some cases, while reading the 13th chapter, there is a suggestion of giving alms to the Nadi reader for preserving the leaves. He helps the native to amend his sins by informing the native of his poorva-karma. But these are only optional.

Q: Do these remedial measures really reduce the troubles?

A: Yes. I have seen many people getting benefitted by this. We get the feedback from the clients. Pleased with our service, they bring their friends and relatives for a Nadi reading.

Q: People say that they have to wait for hours to get the Nadi reading. How far is it true?

A: The time duration depends upon the identification of the thumb impression. Some impressions are identified easily and the corresponding leaves are found soon.

Q: I have seen many foreigners waiting outside to see you. How far do they believe this Nadi Astrology?

A: I have clients from USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and other places. They have complete faith in Nadi readings. Some even fast their thumb impressions and get the predictions. We have translators with us to serve them.

Q: Will your children take up the same profession?

A: Yes. Our children are also interested in this profession and they are learning the old script and other languages. With the blessings of our ancestors, we will continue for generations.

Q: Thumb impressions are unique scientifically and are used for legal purposes. What is the difference between your classification and theirs?

A: For legal purposes, the whole thumb is studied minutely. but we concentrate only on the center part of the thumb and the sub-divisions therein.

This is a humble attempt to clear some of the doubts and mysteries surrounding Nadi Astrology and to bring out the authenticity of the ancient art.

This article is from the Indian magazine "Star Teller"

Mrs Jeyashree Ramakrishna, author of the article

Dedicated to: Mr Anders B Johansson                             Shiva Mayam               7.11.2001

Vedic Astrologer Argon Navis                                                                               3.00 p.m.

Profile of Shri: Agasthiyar Durai Subburathnam and mr C Balakrishnan chif nadi guru

I am pleased to present this significant article about “Profile of Shri: c balakrishnan Chief Nadi Astrologer of Sri Koushika Agasthiyar Mahashiva Naadi Jothida Nilayam –

INTRODUCTION: The Nadi astrology is a valuable gift handed over to us by our intellectual ancestors, rishis of ancient India who discovered and unearthed valuable information even in many fields such as arts, science, medicine, astronomy, palmistry, numerology etc. Evidence of ancient manuscripts like brihat samhits, jathaka, paarijatha etc was obtained. There are several branches in Astrology or horoscope analysis viz. casting and reading of horoscopes, based on the positions of nine planets due to its transition aspects respectively within the twelve houses at the time of birth of a person and thus predictions of individuals’ future is given co-relating such movements across the zodiac between the sky and our beautiful earth. Nadi astrology has two distinct definitions: 

a)      “Nadi” in tamil means “seeking to know natives lives, secrets, truth and reality”

b)      “Nadi Astrology” also gives explanation of our past, present and future life contents
      inscribed on a palm leaf. 

ORIGIN OF NADI ASTROLOGY IN INDIA: The origin of the palm leaves can be traced back approximately 2000 years ago where fate of each individual was written by divine dispensation. Predictions of human beings were inscribed on palm leaves like many other fields like arts, science, medicine of ancient days.

Initially they were in Sanskrit. It was recopied before 300-400 years back.

In due course such palm leaves were preserved by many tamil kings who gathered all such palm leaves irrespective of the subjects and stored them in big libraries. The rulers of chela kingdom and the Mavatha king sarfojee Maharaja saved or preserved such palm leaves from decaying with age. Driven by their passion for the tamil language they translated them into tamil and preserved them at Saraswathi Mahal inside the Tanjore palace in south India. The king of Tanjore too, a true patron of arts and sciences, preserved such leaves in his palace library. With help of pandits or learned scholars he too translated all the contents from Sanskrit to tamil. The credit goes to such tamil kings who by their interest preserved the leaves which are the repository of the wisdom of ancient rishis. But for their efforts we wouldn’t have been aware of such distinct Nadi predictions.

Later, during the British rule, the British were very keen to acquire these leaves which also dealt with herbal cure, alchemy, different types of rasayans, Kayakalpa to increase longevity, different branches of fortune telling etc. In some, the basic rules of the modern scientific inventions were explained. Hence, these valuable contents were readily taken away by the British but left behind some of the astrological leaves to their loyalists. Some bundles of leaves were hence put on auction also. Experts in the field of astrology belonging to a particular caste specialized in astrological analysis, realized its significance and spontaneously bought these leaves and subsequently earned their livelihood through such Nadi readings.

Gradually it became a traditional and hereditary profession or occupation for many who adopted such a career. Such palm leaves were thus auctioned from the British by the forefathers of Sri: Agasthiyar Durai Subburathnam, and C Balakrishnan who were residing in Vaitheshwaran temple and in adjacent places of the very temple as a group and involved dedicatedly since the hundred years in the same field. Henceforth, such leaves were passed on to their generations, respectively. Hence, his ancestors together with him to present days proved to be imminent, ardent, sincere astrologers since 80 years approximately for three generations serving the public to restore more of peace, good health, prosperity and universal integration.


HISTORY OF TAMBARAM AGASTHYAR NADI CENTRE: Shri: Agasthiyar Durai Subburathram’s elder uncle, Jothida Kalaima – Mani Swamy Satchidanandam belongs to their family lineage, further preserved these palm leaves and also added to them, the palm leaves he could gather from every available source. He thereafter established at Vaideshwonan Koil a centre called “Sri Koushika Agasthiya Mahashiva Vakkiya Naadi Jothidam” and practised nadi astrology.

After his demise, his eldest son Arulsivam Arumugam, deeply involved himself in Nadi astrology and people from all over the world sought Nadi predictions from him. He was very renowned and many newspapers or periodicals praised his valuable services also. To ensure that his rare art does not perish with him, his brother and sons took active interest to perpetuate Nadi Astrology.

Hence, Nadi Astrologer Sri: Agasthiyar Durai Subburathnam belonged to such reputed family in rendering his dedicated services and practicing it to this day. He received training from his elders similarly. He started his centre at Tambanam, south India Chennai nine years ago and administrating it successfully. His well established office is at Chennai as “Kausika Agasthiya Naadi Jothida Nilayam, Tambaram, West Chennai – 600045, Tamilnadu, India”. 

Many journals, television channels within Tamilnadu, and outside India like America, Japan had broadcasted interviews with him. his humble statement stated that “The fact of his growth in stature, is completely due to the divine grace of Shri Agasthiyar Maharishi, Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvathy and also by the blessings showered by his forefathers”. He felt sorry for the fact that they do not have palm leaves of all persons all over the world – but only a limited quantity. However, he is confident that who ever seeks him to know their predictions from any part of the world, will be destined to hear the same by divine grace at proper time and date. 

SCOPE OF NADI READINGS: He commands the faith and respect of thousands of people who have tested the authenticity of the leaves he holds. Many important persons were impressed and benefited by the predictions of Nadi astrology in their life. Hence, they still continue to seek guidance very often with confidence, as their details are strictly kept confidential. He is also assisted by 12-15 Nadi readers and half a dozen Nadi writers who hasten the workload every day without much rest from morning 8.30 a.m. to late night also. Thus, his centre officials do have translators who translate or interpret the Nadi tamil poetic contents to natives preferable languages or mother tongue like hindhi, telugu, nalayalam etc which are regional languages. For the benefit of foreigners, English translators are also recruited. 

Hence, we are gifted to have Nadi Astrologer Mr. Sri: Agasthiyar Durai Subburathnam amidst us. His services will help many people who are entangled within the web of present complicated modernized society which is surrounded with commotions, pandemonium, miseries, displeasure, enmity, rivalry existing due to mere ignorance, arrogance, selfishness and karmic effects.


1)      Remedial measures help to reduce stumbling blocks and enhance
     self-confidence, happiness, prosperity, good health and peaceful death.

2)      The natives can avoid unpleasant correspondence by being meticulous in their
     actions with regard to career, education, occupation, and marital life too.

3)      Marriage details revealed, relieve parent or spouses’ anxiety and fear. Prospects
     of second marriage or not can help to accept our future reality.

4)      Nadi astrology aids political awareness.

5)      It also brings enrichment of cultural exchange between India and other countries

6)      By such cultural exchanges many foreigners too benefit the fruit of such readings
     to stabilize well their life too though they are far away from Indian soil.

7)      Nadi Astrology helps natives to know facts of their next birth, mukti or salvation

8)      Precautionary measures are very well taken ahead by natives as they are aware
     of their future impending dangers.

9)      It catalysts self-realization making natives to decrease bad karmas and enhance
     or increase good karmas to avoid re-births according to Hindu philosophy.

10)    Aushada Kandham or chapter guides people to take correct or apt medical
     treatment for chronic, acute diseases.

11)    Married couples without issue due to karmic effects, realize the cause and thus
     later enjoy birth of children by wiping or cleansing away their karmas by adopting
     and completing certain remedial measures.

12)  It boosts philosophical, spiritual thoughts in natives mind.

CONCLUSION: Nadi Astrology can hence be defined as a “Blue Print” of many souls’ life style born as human beings in this universe. It is quite unfortunate to note that no other forms of astrology have been criticized or manipulated as much as “Nadi Astrology”. Due to the code of mystery surrounding it, a number of quacks play havoc with the gullible public.

The people should be aware that many sincere, devoted, dedicated professionally trained, talented expert nadi readers exist who possess genuine Nadi palm leaves transcribed by Indian ancient rishis. The natives are allowed to read for themselves from the palm leaves if they know tamil language as first hand evidence after the identification of such leaves are done. 

More than anything, all doubts put forth by the natives are clarified patiently by the Nadi readers until the natives are happy with the explanations. To the foreigners similarly the interpretation given by certain translators too are done with immense patience and with sincerity and dedication being very meticulous about the facts revealed as every letter or word is important for the natives’ knowledge and benefit genuine purpose for their readings are serviced humbly by divine Goddess and God’s grace too. 


Author, Vedic astrologer and Esoteric travel guide 

Anders B  Johansson

INDIA'S ANCIENT BOOK OF PROPHECY - Bhrihu Nandi Nadi astrology -Maha Rishi Brighu AN INCARNATION OF Sri Vishnu:

Chapter 1.

"Have you ever heard of Bhrigu?" Raja Mrigendra Singh's voice carried a note of suppressed excitement.
It was in that eternally fascinating country, India, in the town of Patiala, Punjab. The date was November 29, 1959. My questioner, a local prince, had come to visit me at my temporary residence on Press Road. Tall, of striking features, smartly turbaned after the custom of the Sikhs, his eyes expressive of a character in which strength and kindness were pleasingly blended: I had felt instantly attracted to this man from the moment I had first seen him.
"Bhrigu?" I echoed my friend's query somewhat uncertainly.
"Bhrigu was a noted rishi (sage) in ancient India", my guest explained.
Now I remembered. This venerable name appears often in Puranic Scriptures. It is also mentioned in the ancient Bhagavad Gita, the "Hindu Bible".
My guest continued: "Bhrigu wrote a book. It is thousands of years old. It contains prophecies about the lives of millions of people, many of whom are living today".
I lowered my gaze in sudden embarrassement. How simply preposterous! Even if such a book could be written, how much would it manage to say about "millions of people"?
I cast about for some ground on which to take my friend's comment with suitable seriousness. Then I recalled the prophecies of Nostradamus.
Nostradamus was a seer in medieval France. He wrote in terse quatrains predictions that supposedly covered world events for centuries to come. Everyone seems to agree that these forecasts were remarkable. They were so cryptic, however, that there is little unanimity of opinion on what they actually mean.
Assuming Bhrigu's prophetic book to be genuine - so I concluded - his predictions might be along the same order as those of the French seer: Short sentences that could be applied to any number of people by one with enough faith or imagination, or both, to make them fit. "How long are these prophecies?" I inquired. "A line or two?"
My friend smiled sympathetically at my skepticism. "Most of them fill one or two pages. They are so detailed that there isn't the least doubting that the information given for a person actually refers to him, and to no one else".
"I found myself mentioned in the book," said the raja. "I actually found my own name written there. (And you know, Mrigendra is an unusual name.) My wife's and my father's names also appeared in my reading. My birthplace was given correctly."
The raja went on to tell of a number of other cases where people had found their own lives described in this book. In some instances only their initials had been given. Even these references, he said, were anything but vague.
He told me about a prominent lady of Patiala, Mrs. Gurdial Singh of Tehsil Road, who had gone to Bhrigu for a reading. Accompanying her was her brother. Any stranger seeing the couple would naturally have assumed them to be man and wife. They said nothing to the pandit in charge of the book concerning their actual relationship. Yet in her reading it was stated that she had come with her brother. (This was later corroborated by Mrs. Singh personally to the narrator of this story).
"But," I expostulated, "how can millions of lives be described in such detail in a single book".
"Oh, it isn't a bound volume like those of our present age. The books in ancient India consisted of loose leaves tied together into bundles. This 'book' of Bhrigu's is made up of many such bundles. It requires whole rooms to house it. There are several portions of it in various parts of the country. It is known as the Bhrigu Samhita".
"Of course," he added, "not all these portions are equally reliable. There are persons, in fact, who only pretend to have possession of Bhrigu's book, but who read from something quite different."
"I can imagine!" In my mind's eye I could picture the scores of penurious fortunetellers I had seen in the streets of India's crowded cities. What an edge it would give them over their competitors if they could claim exclusive possession of part of so marvellous an ancient document as this!
"These fake custodians of the Bhrigu Samhita daren't, of course, let you examine their pages," my friend continued.
"They will put you off with some pretext or other - perhaps that the readings are too sacted to be passed about, or that they are written in a style which only those with special training can decipher. Of course, frauds will tell you nothing that they couldn't have found out about you during the course of your conversation with them. Beyond that, they will be studiedly vague."
"But if there are frauds," I suggested, "some of them will doubtless be beter at this 'art' than others. So how can one be perfectly sure of any of them?"
"The final proof, of course, rests in the results. I've searched far and wide for genuine samhitas. I'm satisfied that I've found at least one, and possibly two or three."
"In this one particularly, there are none of the disadvantages one so commonly encounters. The pandit allows you to examine your page carefully. He has even permitted me to take mine home and get a photostatic copy made of it (though this is a privilege he seldom grants anyone). A convincing factor, also, is the time it takes him to locate a page. He rarely has any way of knowing in advance who will be coming to him. Yet, unlike other readers I have met, he finds one's reading on the spot. There is no opportunity for him to write it out after having come to know you. And I am impressed by the fact that his fee is low. He cannot be using the book to become rich"
"Finally, of course, many of his predictions have come true."
"Where is this portion that you say you've found?" I inquired.
"It is in a small town called Barnala, only sixty miles from here. Would you like to go there?"
The raja seemed quite in earnest. But could such a exotic manuscript possibly be authentic? I struggled to apply my friend's strange story to what I knew of India's spiritual teachings.

The Hindu scriptures, I recalled, state that time is a mental concept. In their view, life may be compared to a book, the events of which we are conscious only as we pass from page to page. The pages are turned for us. Could we ourselves hold the book, we would be able to look ahead and read what is written in later chapters. Essentially, there is no past, present, and future. These all exist simultaneously. But for practical purposes we may say that the present is where the book is presently opened.

A natural question arises: What about free will? If the future is already determined for us, doesn't this make us all just puppets in the hands of fate? Not so, say the ancient teachings. For it is man himself who determines how his role shall read. The operative principle is the law of cause and effect, known in India as the law of Karma.

Even in creations by human artists whimsical fate is ruled out. Any truly competent author lets his characters work out their own destinies. He may see clearly before he ever writes the first page of a novel, all that must occur to them as the story unfolds. But his book always in a sense "writes itself." He will not force his creations to act "out of character" to suit the predilections of his own nature. Nor will he impose on his characters destinies that they haven't themselves in some way invited.

If God did not know the entire future of His universe and of all its creatures, He would not be omniscient. Foreknowledge need not contradict the doctrine of free will. The human race deteremines its future by what it is, not by what some Higher Being decrees it shall be.

Countless persons have had uncanny feelings - and other, vivid dreams - that something unexpected was going to happen. And it did actually come to pass. Great prophets may be considered simply to have perfected this natural power, infrequently expressed in the lives of ordinary men. In other words, sages have attuned themselves more exactly to the omniscience of God.

I began to wonder seriously, as I struggled through this philosophical hinterland, whether Bhrigu could not, just possibly, have written such an improbable book as this Samhita. If he had, I thought, what impressive support it would give to the claim of modern Hindus that their ancient wisdom was as realistic, in its own way, as out Twentieth Century sciences! The matter seemed well worth the small effort of investigation.

"How can I get to Barnala?" I asked my friend.
"I am going there tomorrow morning," he replied. "I came here today to ask you if you wouldn't like to come along".

Here follow some important excerpts and quotations from the book, a copy of which can be ordered here:

"Bhrigu never tells you anything negative unless there is some positive good that may come of the revelation. He has warned my brother of something serious that could happen to him, but he has also suggested a way out of the predicament."

"The raja continued: "Numerous persons go to the Bhrigu Samhita in Barnala. Very few are reproved by Bhrigu for their weaknesses, moral or otherwise. Bhrigu was a man of God. Like all saints, he preferred encouraging people in their virtues to condemning them for their faults."

The highway to Barnala, though paved, was so uneven it made conversation difficult. The country on both sides of us was mostly flat and uninteresting. Broad, semi-arid fields made way occasionally, as if grudgingly, for tiny, poor villages that clung piteously to the roadside. The people living here seemed to eke out only a bare subsistence from the soil.
I thought sadly of the need of Indian villages for Western technical skills.
And then I found myself meditating on the peace reflected in the faces of so many of the villagers. Have not they, too, something tangible and worthwhile to offer to us in the West? Can we, for all our material glory, honestly say that we have found fulfillment - lacking, as most of us do, contentment and a peaceful heart?
The harsh, dry countryside around us, seemingly resentful of man's intrusion, finally surrendered to the swaggering conquest of the little, bustling town of Barnala. We bounced through narrow streets until we reached Gaushala Road.
Here, in a typical Indian home of modest proportions, lives Pandidt Bhagat Ram, custodian of the Bhrigu Samhita."

"It is a sort of advertisement, telling people that in the Bhrigu Samhita they will find information relating to three incarnations: past, present, and future."
A strange place to advertise, I thought - inside the house! But apparently the Samhita requires no publicity. Already the room was beginning to fill up with people anxious to secure readings for themselves. They squatted quietly in hopeful expectation, like patients in a doctor's parlor.
It would be digressing from our story here to enter into a serious discussion of transmigration of souls. The point may be conssidered, however, that if the Bhrigu Samhita is proved to be genuine it will add considerable weight to the case for this doctrine.
"Speaking of reincarnation," Raha Mrigendra remarked, "there was a woman in here when I first came who was told by Bhrigu that in her last life she lived in Patal-Desh, (ancient Sanskrit writing meaning "the country on the under, or opposite, side of the world" - the Americas)
in the town of 'Wash-ing-ton.' In Sanskrit characters this ancient reading actually spelled out the sounds of the name!"
There were by my side a few loose pages of the Bhrigu Samhita. I examined them. They seemed old, I thought - yet not so ancient as I had expected.
"This is only a copy of the original," someone explained to me. "The actual book written by Bhrigu is believed to be hidden somewhere in Tibet."
The pandit finally entered the room, apologizing for having kept us waiting. We stood up to greet him. He welcomed Raja Mrigendra first, with a trace of deference in his manner for his visitor's rank. Next he was introduced to me.
The pandit's face and bearing impressed me favorably. I was sorry to find that he spoke no English. Others had to translate our conversation, which took time and probably left many thoughts uncommunicated. Nevertheless, we were able to converse together with a fair degree of fluency."

"Taking the page, the pandit began to read. Raja Mrigendra translated for me. This is what I heard:
"AUM. Sri Shukra (the son of Bhrigu) said: 'In the dark half of the month of Margshirsh, on a Monday of the Amavasya, at eight ghatis and thirty palls, (by our reckoning it was November 30, 1959, at about 10.30 a.m.) what is this combination of planets called, and what is the reading of the person who asks a question at this time? What was his last incarnation, and what thoughts has he in his mind on this occasion?"
"Sri Bhrigu answered: 'O Shukra, this planetary combination is known as "Guruka Yoga". According to it the person concerned was born in his last life in the western part of Bharat (India), in a town the name of which begins with the letter K. This city is now ruled by the Yavans, (in ancient times this referred to Karachi, the capital of Pakistan), and is the capital of their country.
"This jiva (individual soul) was born into the arrura branch of the Kshatriya caste. His family was well-to-do. His name was Pujar Das. He was an astik (one having faith in the Vedas) and a religious person...
"After passing years (in that place), he and his wife went together on a pilgrimage. Ultimately their travels took them to the desert, where they visited the ashram (hermitage) of the sage Kapila ..... Here this person remained for many years".
The story took Pujar Das to the time of his death. I have given only such excerpts as may perhaps be of interest to others, particularly from the standpoint of glimpsing the style of which the Bhrigu Samhita was written.
The account then continued: "In this life, after much traveling, he has arrived in my presence, having been coaxed to come here by one of my devotees, a member of a royal family".
I swallowed hard. This part, at least, applied: the extensive travelling; the fact of my having come only after being coaxed; Mrigendra's rank.
"This person's name," the pandit continued, "is Kriyananda".
Stunned, I took the card and passed it to several persons in the room who had come in hope of finding readings for themselves, and who said they were familiar with Sanskrit characters. They all confirmed that it did in fact say Kriyananda. This name is, so far as I know, unique.
The pandit took the page again and continued reading. The account defined correctly the type of spiritual discipline I follow; it mentioned that I had been lecturing in foreign countries; it gave various facts of a personal nature, and made certain predictions. At least as far as the known facts of this life went, the reading was correct.

Bhrigu also answered specifically the questions I had put to him mentally.
As regards my supposed last incarnation, I have at least the following facts to ponder: In this life I never glimpsed a desert until I grew up. Yet the first desert I ever knew, at the age of twenty-two, seemed strangely familiar to me; more than once I mentioned to others that I felt more at home there than anywhere else on earth. Why this sudden love for bare sand and tumbleweed? I had been accustomed to rich greenery, flower gardens, and mountain slopes. Again, the Hindu scriptures exercised an immediate and unusual appeal for me the day when, as a young man, I first read a few excerpts from them in a book called The Short World Bible. My religious upbringing had been orthodox: Episcopalian, mostly. I can think of no influence in this life that would explain either of these spontaneous interests. Doesn't Bhrigu's account offer an intriguing answer?
(It might be of interest here to add that I obtained another reading a few months later, from another portion of the Bhrigu Samhita. In this one a much earlier incarnation was described - because, Bhrigu explained, he had already told me ("in my Yoga Valli") about my last life. My place of birth in this life was correctly given, though misspelled: Rumania was written, "Rumanake". The reading stated that my father named me "James" - my actual first name at baptism. The reading said that I have lived in America. It gave my monastic name, Kriyananda. A fact was brought out about my family that I myself did not know, but that I was able to verify some months later after my return to America. This reading made a number of unexpected predictions, several of which have already since come true.)
Bhagat Ram's usual fee for finding a page and translating it is Rupees 21, which comes to a little over four American dollars. In my case he refused payment because I am a monk

This is in part one of the eight million stories that are stored in the aksha records as given by the Saint Maharishi Brighu in his treasure Brighu Nandi Nadi which has been translated for thousands of years according to ancient Vedic tradition by scholars in persuit of the true Vedic virtues.
For further reference you may contact Metatron concerning the sale of books in English, Sanskrit and Swedish. Besides there is also available from Metatron investigative journals conducted by the San Fransico University of California. Especially by Professor Jurgensmayer
in the department of religious education and furthermore by author Christopher David Lane ("Your life recorded in the world's oldest astrological record").

If you have a serious interest in travelling to India and discover your own records, arranges three week tours to India every year since 1974, conducted by Anders B. Johansson.

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